Choosing the best type of aircon in Toowoomba

Choosing the best type of aircon in Toowoomba

Knowing the different types of air conditioning systems available in Toowoomba also ensures getting the right one for your needs.

It has been seen that one of the most common electrical appliances in Toowoomba homes today is an air conditioner. While this may be so, the two situations many homeowners find themselves in are:

  • First time to buy an air-conditioner
  • Replacing an old air conditioner

It also goes without saying that air conditioners have become a must-have home appliance. It’s only right that choosing the best type of Aircon, Toowoomba should be seriously considered.

Window Air Conditioner

A small area or room benefits from a small-sized window air conditioner. In the same way, a small home area will do well with a larger-sized window air conditioner.

Considered as champion in cooling small spaces, the window air-conditioner is the most common type of all. The benefits of a window air-conditioner include:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Cheaper price and to operate
  • Simple installation
  • Space saver

Floor Mounted Air Conditioner

A home lacking space to allow mounting a wall A/C can do well with the convenience offered by floor-mounted air-conditioners. Installing the unit does not require a lot of major preparations as it can rest on the floor. All it needs is to bore a small hole in the wall to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

The benefits of a floor-mounted air-conditioner include:

  • The accessibility of the air-conditioner makes it the ideal option for elderly people
  • Easy installation
  • Space-saving quality, making them an excellent option for small and difficult areas.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

If you only prefer to cool certain areas of the home, the ductless mini-split air conditioner is the best choice. The A/C system is equipped with air blowers and mounted on the walls.

The small and compact size of this A/C can either cool or heat a room as needed. They are energy-efficient units compared to other types of ACs. However, installing a unit in every room can cut a hole in your pocket.

The benefits of a ductless mini-split air-conditioner include:

  • Helps in controlling the temperature of a room/area
  • Easy installation

Portable Air-Conditioner

The components enclosed inside the unit make portable air-conditioners similar to window air-conditioners. The free-standing feature of the A/C is its big difference among other types of A/Cs.

It can be moved from one area to another needing only a funnel for air exhaust, access to a window, and a power outlet. The benefits provided by the portable air-conditioner include:

  • Great spot cooling choice
  • Can be easily stored away when not needed
  • Simple, easy, and quick setup
  • No permanent location required
  • Can be easily moved to any area of the home

Central Air Conditioning system

Large homes that want to cool a lot of rooms at the same time benefit from a central air conditioning system. Known as the ducted system, central air conditioning uses installed ducts in the home to regulate the air.

The advantages of a central air conditioning system include:

  • Reduced humidity all over the home with the cool air circulation in all rooms.
  • Rooms connected to the duct system are easily and efficiently cooled in a shorter time.


Hiring the services of a professional air conditioning Toowoomba installation team is seen as the best way to get the right A/C system for your room or home.




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