Secrets for Cleaning a Carpet

Secrets for Cleaning a Carpet

Carpets receive a lot of abuse from spills, pets shoes to name but a few. Since they add comfort and warmth to our legs, not to mention aesthetics, we are willing to go any distance or incur costs to maintain it. Besides, if we want to extend the lifespan of a carpet, vacuuming and deep cleaning regularly are key. Here are some of the basic tricks to make carpet cleaning easier for an extended lifespan.

Mind how often you clean your carpet or rugs

Whether your carpet covers from wall to wall or you have some rugs, how often you clean them is important.

Vacuuming and cleaning at least once a week will keep your house tidy and extend the lifespan of your carpet. Treat spills and stains as quickly as they appear to make cleaning easier. And you might have to clean more frequently if you live with pets or kids. For better results consider doing deep cleaning once a year and vacuuming more often. If you doubt your cleaning abilities, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to do it for a fee.

Equipment, tools and materials required to thoroughly clean a carpet

Make sure you have the following items before embarking on a carpet cleaning mission: vacuum, microfiber cloth, spray bottle, bucket, old towels, cloth steamer, scrub brush with tiny bristles, oscillating fan, steam mop, baking soda, white vinegar and table salt.

Critical steps for cleaning a carpet

First, get rid of dirt and dust: cleaning the carpet while it has solid particles and dust will make your carpet retain odours and might spoil your carpet’s backing or fibres. Try using a vacuum cleaner with strong sanctions. However, if a vacuum cleaner is not available, there are alternative options like old-fashioned brooming or the use of a carpet sweeper. For a thorough job, remove furniture and other items sitting on the carpet away beforehand.

Set the vacuum cleaning machine to get the right sanction, and start vacuuming from the high traffic areas on your carpet and do it several times for good results.

Follow suit with a lint roller to quickly remove crumbs. If you are living with pets, quickly use a squeegee over your carpet to trap and remove pet hair. Use baking soda to brighten and freshen the carpet at least once a month and let it for an hour or more before vacuuming to allow the baking soda to absorb odours and oily stains before coming with your vacuum.

Spot-clean visible stains as they appear, while for the spills, blot the moisture away immediately they happen using a white cloth or a towel, avoid using a colourfast piece of cloth. For muddy stains try using the edge of a smart card to remove or a dull knife for dropped food particles. Do not rub solid stains because you will be pushing them further into the fibres. After initial stain removal, follow the chart stain for the type of stains you suspect on your carpet.

Deep cleaning a carpet

Your carpet will eventually demand a deep cleaning routine at least once a year to remove heavy dirt and restore the fibres. Professional carpet cleaners, like All Seasons Carpet Cleaning, combine a number of detergents and cleaning agents to achieve the most robust cleaning results. But for small carpets and those who like DIY, there are cleaning devices and products that will leave your carpet sparkling.

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