Sutherland Shire tree removal

Sutherland Shire tree removal

If you are thinking about cutting down the tree which has been leaning or is damaged in the storm you can get help from a Sutherland shire tree removal service. Not only do they cut it down for you but also make sure that they dispose it off in the right way.

Although trees are known to add beauty to the landscape you might need to remove them some time. Either you would be looking for some extra space to design your new landscape or perhaps the tree is already damaged. Sometimes a tree has compromised stability or its invasive root system could be a risk to the foundation of your home. No matter why you want the tree to be removed it is important that you hire a reliable tree removal service.

The cost of Sutherland Shire tree removal

A single tree removal can cost you anywhere from $150 tillĀ  2000. The average cost can go up to $600 to 700. The cost basically depends upon the size of the tree. It is going to cost you more to remove Big trees compared to smaller ones. You should be on the Lookout for a removal service that is willing to a good job. It is important that you are hiring a certified arborist who is insured to carry out the tree removal service. Sometimes it might seem pretty simple to get the tree removed but it can have its own share of unforeseen complications. The wrong tree removal can also cause long-term consequences for your property. A trained arborist makes sure that the license is renewed regularly. This is why they have to continue taking ongoing training so as to understand the latest and innovative developments in tree removal services.

It is more expensive to remove larger trees because they require a heavy duty equipment. The process is riskier and therefore a whole lot of material needs to be disposed of safely. Some other factors include the height of the tree. If the tree is under 30 feet tall it is considered small and can cost only about hundred to $150. On the other hand A tree which is between 30 to 60 Feet tall what cost you around $600 to 800 to remove. Finally a large tree for example a mature oak tree is more than 60 Feet tall and it could take around $1000 to remove it.

However height is not the only thing which is taken into consideration. Your arborist might also need to consider the trunk of the tree. A tall tree with a narrow trunk cost less to remove than a tree of the same height but with a thick trunk. Also if a short tree has a thick trunk which would be difficult to cut, the tree removal service may charge you extra.

The species of the tree also has an impact on the cost. For example a mature oak tree has a thick trunk and is difficult to remove on the other hand a palm tree although taller in height has a thin trunk and could cost less to remove.

Call the expert arborists in Sutherland Shire to take care of your trees: Cutting Edge Tree Care.

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